Saturday, November 27, 2010

I miss YOU

well, SPM was started n I'm so tiring with that. I wonder why our country minister like to force student to take so many test and government exam like UPSR,PMR and the most stupieeed SPM in school! it's past 3 papers.BM,BI,SEJ!!I feel quite disappointed because of the history paper.what we had spot,what teachers spot,what kasturi tuition center spot all din come out by this year n majority of the question is talk about our country "agama rasmi"!!!well,I still can handle it but it's tedious enough to drive me crazy!!

I'm preparing my self to face the calculation subject that i most dislike,additional math next week! since form 4 i study add math,since form4 i didn't pass it b4~lol!!it's really couldn't imagine how come ppl can get A+ in add math in their's easy?it's difficult?to me,it's super-difficult!!

although YOU said u just treat me as a best friend but i still can't stop my love feeling toward you and maybe because of messages, i always feel that you are around me.omg gosh!!maybe I'm too stubborn in love..

just wanna tell you:
I miss you every second.
I'm waiting you.

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