Wednesday, December 8, 2010

say bye bye to SPM soon

wotttzzz..SPM are going to end!!!
bio chem phy are finish..
my black circles become's like can carry water
need sleep to charge my body..

grumpy TJ

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I miss YOU!!
what should I do?
I miss u like mad.

SPM is getting over..
new life are coming..
you'll go to NS n boarding school..
what should i do now??

Monday, November 29, 2010

I would write my blog in mandarin today~


我的paper 1大多数都是用我的枪去乱射的!!
当我在考着paper 1时,我突然想念一个人
那就是我的印度朋友, ARULTHEVAN
我以前的考试可以说有Paper 1 的时刻就有他的帮助
欣慰的是,至少我还会做paper 2。。
这次的paper 2说难也不会很难~

明天就是moral了~对我来说实在是‘sap sap sui!!’


Saturday, November 27, 2010

I miss YOU

well, SPM was started n I'm so tiring with that. I wonder why our country minister like to force student to take so many test and government exam like UPSR,PMR and the most stupieeed SPM in school! it's past 3 papers.BM,BI,SEJ!!I feel quite disappointed because of the history paper.what we had spot,what teachers spot,what kasturi tuition center spot all din come out by this year n majority of the question is talk about our country "agama rasmi"!!!well,I still can handle it but it's tedious enough to drive me crazy!!

I'm preparing my self to face the calculation subject that i most dislike,additional math next week! since form 4 i study add math,since form4 i didn't pass it b4~lol!!it's really couldn't imagine how come ppl can get A+ in add math in their's easy?it's difficult?to me,it's super-difficult!!

although YOU said u just treat me as a best friend but i still can't stop my love feeling toward you and maybe because of messages, i always feel that you are around me.omg gosh!!maybe I'm too stubborn in love..

just wanna tell you:
I miss you every second.
I'm waiting you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

bye again!

guys,I temporary not write any blog now.
I might write again after SPM.
thx for those eager to see my blog.

Cheer TJ.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

cnt imagine~~


Once again I din present my self to church this morning~it's too bad.rite?
but I din feel guilty..coz i feel tat now wat should i do is put 100% energy in my book..LoL
hmmm...I study n play webcam with MiKhing until tiring~

it's great to dream something...
i dreamed her!
but wat can i see is only her back pose~
hmm..anywhere,is great due to can look her back pose~haha

hmmm...i felt there are not enough time for
BIO CHEM PHY ADD Math all r waiting me to visit them!!
how can i do all my revision in 1 week??
any suggestion?it's really taking my breath away..
nowadays i always sleep after 2am...faint~~

I did my sej today also..
I cnt finish it by's really too many..
i cnt to achieve wat i promise..sad case..haha
hmm..I take many food today in my dinner!!haha
it's a good things~

(this is the photo tat I play webcam with MiKhing today dawn)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I had my breakfast in the morning around 9+am..
well,once i woke up I felt tat i'm not feeling well~
it's feel heavy headache n running nose again~chill!!!
as normal,if I not feeling well,I will sleep until late evening~
but,it's weird!
i slept again until 12pm..
it's just afternoon~~
i had my lunch until 1+pm...
when I was taking my lunch, I feel like want to open the books n study~~
is happy to hear tat.right??
I went to MPSJ Library to do my revision with a good condition(cold+quiet)
well, headache was killing me..
SPM is taking my breath away..
I've not enough time to do all my revision..
(my Form 5 BM teacher,Pn Samsiah)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

form 5 life is going to end

study is for knowledge.

study at school is for earn knowledge and friendship.

do u agree with me?

firstly, I want to thx to parents.

because of let me to change the secondary school to SMK SK

although I heard lot's negative news about SMK SK,

but i trust my self tat I wont be "negative also"

the form 5 year is going end....

the most brightness year in the school is going end..

well, when I was refer back wat I had done in SK..

it's really make me happy

the life in SK is really meaningful~

I had join scout, prefect team, ping-pong club, badminton club, leo club, chinese society in this 2 years~

I had represent SMK SK to join the olahraga 400m, 4*100m, 4*400m competition(MSSD), jemputan merentas desa, jemputan olahraga 4*100m competition(MSSD)

well,it's really let me to learn n earn a lot of knowledge, n always join some volunteer service~

the most important is, i enter 4 Daisi 3 since year 2009..

4D3 n 5D3 is the class that I most like since I was in elementary stage(form1) in secondary school~

how come I will say that?

it's just because of friends.

those friends tat I had met is really I like..

they can play together,sot blak together,study together,sport together+++++

form 5 year is going to end..well,although I feel kinda sad also, but I fully believe that the friendship in the 5D3 is wont change~this is because........