Sunday, November 14, 2010

cnt imagine~~


Once again I din present my self to church this morning~it's too bad.rite?
but I din feel guilty..coz i feel tat now wat should i do is put 100% energy in my book..LoL
hmmm...I study n play webcam with MiKhing until tiring~

it's great to dream something...
i dreamed her!
but wat can i see is only her back pose~
hmm..anywhere,is great due to can look her back pose~haha

hmmm...i felt there are not enough time for
BIO CHEM PHY ADD Math all r waiting me to visit them!!
how can i do all my revision in 1 week??
any suggestion?it's really taking my breath away..
nowadays i always sleep after 2am...faint~~

I did my sej today also..
I cnt finish it by's really too many..
i cnt to achieve wat i promise..sad case..haha
hmm..I take many food today in my dinner!!haha
it's a good things~

(this is the photo tat I play webcam with MiKhing today dawn)

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